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General Inspection of Bike
Check Gear components and tune up
Brake adjust, re-tension cables etc
True and tension wheels
Check nuts and bolts for tightness
Lubricate Chain
Wipe down bike
Check tyres and inflate to correct pressure

We recommend this service every 3-6 months.


Includes the Bronze Service PLUS

Adjust hubs, headset and bottom bracket
Fully degrease drive train
– Chain
– Chain Rings
– Cassette
– Clean and lubricate chain
Intensive frame and component inspection

We recommend this service every 9-12 months


Includes the Silver Service PLUS

Intensive frame and component inspection
Removal of all components for
– Cleaning
– Degreasing
– Lubrication of all moving parts
– Repacking wheel hubs
– Thorough frame clean
This is a complete bike overhaul, and will keep a good quality bike running better for longer.

Gear & Brake Service $79.00*


  • Gear and Brake adjustment
  • Clean rims
  • Check brake pads for wear
  • Check cable wear
  • Lubricates gear and brake cables
  • Checks and adjusts derailleurs
  • Check chain wear and lubricates chain
  • Checks drive chain for wear
  • Test Ride Bike

*Parts not included

Bike Wash & Degrease $69.00*


Includes a full wash using bio-degradable – eco-friendly products

  • Wash and Polish of the Frame and Forks
  • Degrease and re-lubrication of the drive chain (cranks, cassette and chain)
  • Cleaning of the Rims
  • Inflation of Tyres
  • Detailed Service Report

*Parts not included